FSN's Future of Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting Global Survey 2017 Shows:- “Insightful” organisations drive faster, more accurate and more forward looking forecasts & Only 40% of plans and forecasts are insightful!

13th December 2017

Respected, Insightful, Inclusive, Strategic – How does your PBF process stack up?

When does a forecast gain the respect of the whole organization? When it is trusted by all levels of management? When it engages with many stakeholders to provide the most inclusive view? When it uses advanced analytical techniques to reveal unexpected insights? Or when it is closely aligned with strategy to underpin decisions at the heart of the business? 

In a perfect world, planning, budgeting and forecasting would encompass all these traits. In reality, at least some of them are being realized. 70% of senior finance executives believe their PBF processes are respected, 72% believe they are inclusive and 74% believe they are strategically aligned. But, and it is an important but, only 40% characterized their PBF process as insightful, defined as the use of advanced analytical techniques and tools to reveal unexpected insights that lead to better performance. 


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The FSN Modern Finance Forum on LinkedIn is Driving the CFO Agenda



The research was conducted amongst the 50,000 members of the FSN Modern Finance Forum on Linkedin and represents one of the largest and most authoritative global surveys of its kind.

849 senior finance professionals responded to the survey covering 23 countries and 13 industry sectors.  Approximately half of the respondents were from organisations with more than 1,000 employees. 

The research was sponsored by BOARD InternationalProphixTagetik and Workday.