Integrated Business Planning (IBP) the cornerstone of smart decisions

8th June 2016

Despite the vast sums of money that have been invested in core financial processes, business planning and forecasting remains a significant challenge for many organisations.


At the heart of the problem lies a profound dislocation between financial plans and the operations of the business, so that business plans overall do not reflect what is happening on the ground and the organisation cannot respond quickly to changing market conditions. 

So business agility has become a major concern and companies that cannot ‘connect all of the dots’ between their financial and operational plans, for example, sales demand planning, supply chain plans, product management, Human Capital planning -  so called Integrated Business Planning (IBP)- are at a severe disadvantage. So, how can businesses transition to IBP and smarter decision-making?




In this 30 minute webinar-based interview, Gary Simon, Chief Executive of FSN and Leader of the FSN Modern Finance Forum on Linkedin, talks exclusively to Chris Field, Global leader of Integrated Business Planning at BOARD about how to overcome the organisational, process and technical challenges of migrating to a more integrated approach.