BOARD International to host its second annual world conference: BOARDVille 2018

20th November 2017

BOARD International, a supplier of decision-making software, has announced that it will host its 2nd Global User Conference, BOARDVille 2018, on April 15-18 at SLS Hotel Las Vegas, US and on May 13-16 at Grand Hotel Dino, Lake Maggiore, Italy. 




“ BOARDVille will  bring our passionate and knowledgeable customers, partners, analysts and employees all together in one place. I’m particularly proud to announce that the Conference is being expanded to be even more informative, educational and entertaining ” said Giovanni Grossi – BOARD CEO.

After the highly positive results of the 2017 debut conference, and based on demand from those attendees, the BOARD team is strongly committed to build an even richer program for 2018.

During an action-packed three days, attendees will be able to hear inspiring keynotes, exclusive updates on the latest features of the BOARD platform as well as a full variety of informative sessions covering customer success stories from leading global organizations. Furthermore, this year’s agenda is intended to offer a new learning experience with a wider set of interactive hands-on workshops, designed to match different levels of expertise in using BOARD software, from basic to advanced experience.

Academy sessions will be increased to offer technical training on key topics with first-hand access to interactive demos and to address the needs of beginner, intermediate and advanced level users.