BOARD launches its new e-Learning service

18th April 2018

BOARD International, a supplier of enterprise decision-making software, has announced its new e-Learning platform. The expectation is that this service will enable organizations to easily train people on BOARD, reducing the time-to-productivity lapse with visible profitable returns.




“We believe that the BOARD e-Learning program represents a huge step forward in the way

we train and support our Customers and Partners,” says Giovanni Grossi, CEO and Co-Founder of BOARD International. “Our e-Learning service, indeed, suitably addresses the training needs for both an inexperienced user and a seasoned pro, no matter where people are geographically located.” 

With more than 120 product videos and 20 business cases, BOARD say their e-Learning contents have been designed to ensure an end-to-end learning journey allowing people to readily gain knowledge across all the fundamental functionalities of BOARD. 

“The BOARD library of courses, organized into both product tutorials and business cases, can be viewed as the equivalent of  more than four weeks of on-site training, affirms Diego Marocco, Product and Business Support Director at BOARD International. “Thanks to a self-directed user experience, people can design their own learning curve and track their progress. Furthermore, they can take advantage of an in-depth insight to some common challenges of real-life business.”