KPMG Finance chooses BOARD for integrated reporting, analysis, planning, budgeting and forecasting.

22nd September 2016

KPMG the accounting firm which operates as a global network in 155 countries and collectively employs more than 162,000 people across a range of disciplines has not only been working with BOARD software for its clients but has now selected BOARD to help manage its own financial affairs.




The implementation at KPMG in The Netherlands is an important milestone in the relationship between BOARD and KPMG. Jessica Venturini, Global Alliance Manager at BOARD International said, “BOARD has successfully been working with KPMG in multiple countries to deliver added-value solutions to joint customers. We are proud of having been chosen by KPMG also as a provider; it is a further recognition of the value we are bringing to our common customers.”

In common with its clients KPMG faces profound challenges around increased internationalization, new data regulation, disruptive technology and alternative business models which can rapidly transform market conditions.  With this continuous change, the ability to seize opportunities while ensuring outstanding quality and control is essential for KPMG’s success.

In order to enable KPMG Finance to support the business actively in decision making, it has chosen BOARD, an enterprise performance management system for integrated reporting, analysis, planning, budgeting, forecasting and decision-making.

BOARD’s ability to meet changing circumstances, provide information, and the way it could be integrated into users’ daily work, without having to depend on IT to fulfill additional requirements were pivotal reasons for the firm choosing BOARD.  In addition, its ability to handle both financial and non-financial data from the ERP and any other source systems was crucial.

BOARD is recognized in Gartner’s Magic Quadrants for both Business Intelligence Platforms and Corporate Performance Management Suites, BOARD combines both BI and EPM in one single platform. This all-in-one approach enables organizations to support their different performance management processes with one integrated application.

It’s because of these strengths that several KPMG member firms worldwide have been working on projects with BOARD successfully.

Teo Griffioen, member of KPMG’s Global EPM Competence Center and leading the Enterprise Performance Management practice at KPMG in The Netherlands:

 “The all-in-one toolkit approach of BOARD matches our vision on integrated performance management. This key capability, together with its ease of use and implementation, makes BOARD a very attractive tool” 

After successful completion of a proof-of-concept, the first phase of the implementation project was initiated, focusing on reporting of financial data.

Supported by BOARD, a joint project team of KPMG Finance and KPMG’s Enterprise Performance Management team led by Sander van Yperen, delivered the first instance of BOARD in just 7 weeks. During this phase, the project team worked closely together, continuously focusing on the set benefits of providing insightful, easy and flexible reports and analysis to the end user.

Okele van der Kam, responsible for Reporting and Business Control at KPMG in The Netherlands, is more than satisfied with the first phase of the project:

“Implementing a new tool can be quite a challenge, especially if you want results in such short timeframe. But the implementation was well managed, with quickly resolved issues and very limited amount of concessions to the original requirements. All in all, it was remarkably easy to do!”  

With this functionality delivered, KPMG Finance is now exploring how to support budgeting and forecasting processes. Okele van der Kam says, “Running a good, thorough forecast process normally takes finance too much time to run the necessary checks and balances. So the challenge is to speed up that process, making it feel fast and easy – while staying in control – and that should give us the time to work on relevant scenarios of that forecast. My view is that with BOARD we will be able to achieve both goals.”