LucaNet opens an office in Singapore

16th January 2017

LucaNet has announced its new office in Singapore, the new site will be the headquarters for the complete ASEAN region. With customers in Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Japan and Malaysia, as well as with its office in Shanghai, China, that was opened in 2010, LucaNet has already extensive experience in providing reporting software solution in the region.   


LucaNet (ASEAN) is led by Sanjay Sivanandan, a global Singaporean, who is highly experienced in running and profitably growing business both globally and in Asia.  Sanjay combines industry knowledge and insight with the necessary sensitivity for cultural differences and intricacies between Asian and European thinking.

For Sanjay, the LucaNet solutions are truly unique in the market: “LucaNet is a real software technology innovator and European leader in the field of Financial Corporate Performance Management (FCPM) solutions. Its core strength lies in its capability to consolidate and integrate financial information, P&L and cash flow in a real-time and transparent manner for all types and sizes of client business. We are able to implement our intelligent, yet simple ‘out-of-the-box’ solution that augments and enhances existing systems and processes already in place at our clients operations without disruption.

A typical implementation takes only two weeks, and our clients are up and running with our easy-to-use, yet powerful and fast ‘in-memory’ technology. This is exactly what clients want and need to run their businesses in the dynamically growing marketplace of Asia, and what makes the LucaNet technology truly unique, differentiated and ‘Simply Intelligent’.”

LucaNet ASEAN has already acquired their first client, TauRx Pharmaceuticals, a global pharmaceutical company. Dominik Duchon, Member of the Executive Board of LucaNet AG, sees enormous potential for LucaNet in the Southeast Asian region: “We are very excited on entering the ASEAN market via our new regional HQ office. Given the large potential, growth and size of the yet untapped ASEAN region, we see a great opportunity for the LucaNet technology to expand and grow profitably and extend our market leadership to Southeast Asia. The complexities the companies in this region face regarding consolidation, reporting and planning increase the need for flexible FCPM tools. We are confident that with Sanjay we have found a Managing Director that can profitably expand and grow the LucaNet brand in the ASEAN market, and deliver a high-quality service to our customers.”