NVA deploys BOARD platform in its quest for timely reporting

1st December 2015

BOARD International, has revealed that National Veterinary Associates (NVA) has deployed the BOARD BI and Analytics Platform to standardize the collection, sharing and distribution of data among NVA headquarters and its veterinary hospitals throughout North America and Canada. 



Headquartered in Agoura Hills, CA, the NVA owns and manages more than 290 veterinary hospitals in 39 States and Canada, which provide a broad range of animal wellness, veterinary treatments and surgical services.   Prior to BOARD, NVA and its hospitals say they lacked a unified analytics platform, and relied on hundreds of data siloes in many formats that proved highly difficult to compare, analyze and share for the benefit of other hospitals and their staffs. 

“With the BOARD platform, we can now easily and safely broadcast important operational data to our staffs throughout corporate our member hospitals,” said Jared Gonzalez, NVA Manager of Reporting.  “Our primary goal is to build a reporting and analysis repository on the BOARD platform that allows users easy access to their data in an interactive, self-service environment.  BOARD gives us the ability to connect to data arriving from many sources and in many formats, allowing our users to easily drill down from one data server to another and perform accurate analyses.”   

By importing its annual budget into the BOARD platform, NVA is giving its users access to a wealth of data they can analyze to spot trends and set benchmarks against to sharpen their operational performance. 

“With the initial deployment of BOARD, we are only scratching the surface of operational reporting this platform allows.  Once fully implemented, our hospital leaders will be able to leverage patient data to fully evaluate the level of care being provided to each patient.  This in turn helps corporate set operational standards and benchmarks that increase overall performance,” said Mr. Gonzalez.