Wren Sterling choose BOARD for Enterprise Business Intelligence in the Cloud

16th November 2015

BOARD International has announced that Financial Services firm, Wren Sterling has chosen the BOARD Platform to provide Business Intelligence (BI) as a cloud-based application across their entire business.




Wren Sterling established the need for an enterprise reporting tool to help them understand key metrics relating to the customer advisory aspects of their business. BOARD is expected to enable Wren Sterling to have a real-time view of their information, giving them a clearer understanding of how to make more informed business decisions to support their strategic vision. The provision of the BOARD platform via the cloud is intended to provide further flexibility to help Wren Sterling achieve their vision. 

To enable this strategy, Wren Sterling required a solution to accurately report and monitor progress against new KPIs. BOARD International was chosen after a thorough evaluation of the vendor market for the flexible nature of the solution. The programme will replace the existing network of disparate reporting systems across the organisation starting from the financial side of the business, to provide a single, agile version of the truth to support accountable decision making. 

Keith Misson, Chief Digital Officer at Wren Sterling says: “The ability for any business to make informed decisions based on reliable, real-time data is essential in today’s digital marketplace. Having a solution that a wide range of users can start working with and from which they can quickly derive the insights we need to deliver for our customers, is a must have.” 

Dominic Policella, Director at BOARD UK added “We are delighted to add the Wren Sterling name to our expanding clientele list. This exchange shows the flexibility of the BOARD solution to provide tailored solutions to every industry.