OneStream Software Launches Next-Generation SmartCPM™ Platform to Streamline Financial Planning, Consolidation and Reporting for Global Enterprises

6th April 2019

OneStream Software LLC, a provider of cloud and on-premise Corporate Performance Management solutions for mid-sized to very large enterprises, has launched the latest version of its SmartCPM platform, OneStream XF 5.0. 

This fifth generation CPM solution employs environmental sensors and intelligent bots that deliver significant scalability and performance improvements through smart load balancing of key processes and tasks across servers in both on-premise and cloud deployments. Other key features include enhanced analytical capabilities to enable better decision making and local language capabilities for users in global deployments.




“This latest generation of our OneStream XF platform is a quantum leap forward with scalability and performance improvements that will allow us to continue tackling the most complex consolidation, reporting and planning requirements of the world’s largest organizations,” said Tom Shea, CEO for OneStream Software. “This release lays the foundation of our X-Scale initiative that makes our SmartCPM platform even smarter – enabling companies to take advantage of the infinite potential of the cloud, and to intelligently scale up and down capacity to match peaks and valleys in user demand during crunch periods.”


OneStream XF 5.0 says its new offering boosts performance and increases scalability to help large enterprise companies meet complex planning and reporting needs, often across multiple geographies. The new platform leverages a broad set of environmental and process sensors and performs smart load balancing with ‘intelligent bots’ that route tasks to servers with available capacity based on live system data. The intelligent bots are able to prioritize large tasks, such as consolidation, and assign them to a dedicated server that keeps other resources free and available for other important tasks. This boosts overall performance and maximizes productivity.


“We are always looking for ways to drive faster performance during peak usage periods. The new environmental monitoring and smart load balancing in OneStream XF will drive faster completion of key tasks and will help us maintain or shorten our close and reporting cycles.” Brian Bayne, Director of Financial Systems, Federal Mogul.


Also in this latest platform are reporting and analysis improvements such as conditional formatting and improved ad hoc analysis capabilities via the Excel Quick View interface that will allow companies to make faster, more informed decisions. New local language capabilities have been introduced to accommodate global deployments. A new reporting alias feature enables the display of accounting and reporting data in multiple languages based on each user’s preference. Local language support has become a priority as the number of OneStream users expands and as multinational companies seek to bring finance and operational users enterprise-wide onto a single CPM platform.

“A majority of our customers have migrated from legacy systems, such as Oracle Hyperion and many had multiple disparate systems, and large user populations in place before coming to OneStream. The new local language capabilities of OneStream XF 5.0, enabling a personalized experience for reporting in everyone’s native language, will help to drive broader acceptance and usage of our platform. This in turn results in greater efficiencies, stronger collaboration and streamlined financial processes,” said Craig Colby, CRO for OneStream Software.

OneStream XF 5.0 is available immediately to new and existing customers. This includes both cloud and on-premise versions of the platform.