The Challenge of Managing Hyper-Change and Hyper-Growth.

9th December 2014

The global economy is at last beginning to turnaround, however a gradual return to normal levels of growth masks another important dimension - the companies experiencing ‘hyper-growth’ and ‘hyper-Change’.  And for those businesses caught up in this whirlwind of high double-digit growth, global expansion, and market volatility, there has never been a greater need to maintain a tight grip on financial management and planning.

What lies behind these dramatic developments is the onset of the digital economy, with some industries, such as hi-tech, financial services, media, and retail experiencing profound changes with others such as hospitality, manufacturing, and mining moving at a slower rate. But one thing is for sure – sooner or later all businesses will become digital businesses, i.e. susceptible to technology-infused business models that will change the competitive landscape forever. Fascinatingly, the same technologies that are disrupting the competitive landscape are also part of the solution as far as financial management is concerned.  





In this In this 30 minute webinar-based interview, Gary Simon, managing editor of Financial Systems News (FSN) talks exclusively to Fred Lalyaux, CEO Anaplan about how businesses can respond to the challenges of Hyper-Growth and Hyper-Change.