Workday's Mark Nittler discusses FSN's Future of Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting Research

8th December 2016

As modern finance professionals, we are facing some of the most demanding and challenging conditions for decades as we strive to become better business partners. Our ability to deliver dependable business forecasts, optimise the allocation of resources and steer the business to new heights of performance, agility and competitiveness remain central to our professional standing with the rest of the C-suite or Board. Yet more than more than 50% of us struggle to forecast beyond 6 months, more than 60% still can’t forecast revenue to within plus or minus 5% and almost half of us take more than a week to reforecast earnings.

But encouragingly FSN’s research in the Modern Finance Forum reveals several ways in which FP&A specialists and finance professionals can improve responsiveness to change, produce better plans and more accurate forecasts.




In this 30 minute webinar, Gary Simon, Chief Executive FSN, and Leader of the FSN Modern Finance Forum on Linkedin interviews Mark Nittler, the visionary behind the development of Workday’s innovative financial management and planning applications in the cloud. Together Gary and Mark will explore how finance professionals can transform legacy processes, liberate time and help CFOs break out of the pack.