Mokum, an Oracle management consultancy partners with Version One for financial document management

22nd February 2010

Mokum, the management consultancy has partnered with document management and imaging software author, Version One. Mokum’s Oracle Financials clients will now be able to access Version One’s document management and imaging solutions directly from their Oracle system, enabling them to carry out paperless accounting.

The integration of Version One’s solution with Oracle Financials enables the electronic creation, delivery, storage, retrieval, authorisation, management and processing of all financial documents and massively reduces the need for printing, photocopying, postage and filing. By implementing this capability, Version One says that Mokum’s clients can significantly cut costs, streamline their financial processes, free up filing cabinet space and support their environmental agendas. By using Version One’s data capture solution, they can also reduce the manual entry of invoice information by up to 80%. 

 “We are delighted to have Version One as our document management and imaging partner,” says Trevor Hinkins, Mokum’s Service Delivery Director. “Now our Oracle Financials customers will be able to make significant savings each year whilst eliminating time-consuming administration.” 

Paper-based financial processes are protracted and prone to error. Paper documents can easily get lost and damaged.  Version One’s software securely stores all imaged documents in an electronic archive integrated with the Oracle system, which not only eliminates the risk of lost and soiled documents but also ensures rapid and error-free retrieval. 

Julian Buck, Version One’s General Manager, adds, “With budgets tight, businesses cannot afford to lose money as a result of sloppy and expensive paper-based processes. By moving to paperless financial processes, Mokum’s Oracle Financials customers will be able to quickly and easily cut costs whilst ensuring a swift return on their investment. As our document management software also cuts both paper consumption and carbon emissions, it also makes excellent environmental as well as business sense.”