Carewatch boosts service and builds growth with Infor

25th October 2016

Infor, has announced that assisted support and home care provider Carewatch has chosen Infor CloudSuite Business as part of a substantial business development programme.




Deployed via the cloud, it is hoped the application will help Carewatch increase visibility and accuracy of data, boosting service to customers throughout the public and private sector in the UK, including local authorities, the NHS and Clinical Commissioning Groups, as Carewatch delivers more than 100,000 hours of care per week.

Following a thorough review of the market, Carewatch say they chose Infor CloudSuite Business based on the flexibility offered, the intuitive use and consumer-grade user experience, the ease of training enabled by the Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit (EPAK) tool and the analytics capabilities.

In initial phases, Infor CloudSuite Business is expected to enable the benefits of standardisation, bringing the legacy systems of more than 30 separate legal entities onto a common platform.  This will drastically increase the visibility of data throughout the organisation and improve the speed and accuracy of reporting.  A further stage will see Infor CloudSuite Business draw data from mobile devices issued to Carewatch staff in order to provide a fully auditable, billing-by-the-minute capability.

“As a forward looking, innovating company in the care sector, we modeled our choices on personal experiences of technology.  We wanted a system that was as easy to use as shopping on Amazon,” explains Angela Gear, Financial Controller, Carewatch.  “That means ensuring we capture all the necessary data but do so quickly and accurately, before being able to analyse and present the data as we require.  We work with razor thin margins so the speed, accuracy and ease of data analysis is a key part of us improving our service and priming the company for continued growth.”

“We chose to deploy in the cloud simply because we are not an IT company,” explained John Payne, Interim Project Manager, Carewatch.  “Part of this project has been to ensure that these systems are reliable but require little to no maintenance on our part so we can focus on what really matters: our operational excellence and continued growth.  Infor and the cloud are both key to this strategy.”

“Carewatch exemplifies many of the benefits of CloudSuite Business,” said Jon Casey, vice-president, financial solutions, Infor.  “The simplicity and ease of use offered by cloud, the integration with new technologies such as mobile workforce management, and the improved productivity of a beautiful, consumer grade interface.  This all adds up to fast, accurate data that drives agility and growth.”