How can CFOs balance the needs of the corporate centre and reporting entities for consolidation and planning?

22nd October 2014

Most CFOs know that when it comes to consolidation, budgeting, planning and forecasting applications there always seems to be a tension between satisfying the needs of the corporate head office and fulfilling the diverse operational needs of local management.  In many cases this leads an unsatisfactory compromise in which neither the centre nor local management have complete visibility of the business. Or worse still it leads to separate applications, wasted effort, inefficient processes and lingering doubts about data quality.





In this 30 minute webinar-based interview, Gary Simon, managing editor of Financial Systems News (FSN) talks exclusively to Tom Shea, a veteran of the financial reporting software industry, who developed Financial Data Quality Management (FDQM) for Hyperion products and is now founder and President of OneStream, a rapidly growing provider of unified financial consolidation, budgeting, planning and reporting systems.

Gary and Tom discuss how a unified approach to performance management solutions coupled with “extensible dimensionality” allows CFOs to resolve competing information needs in a single business model.