How can CFO’s Bring the Office of Finance Back Together?

30th April 2014

The popular image of the CFO as financial steward, has given way in recent years to a much more strategic role.  But a glaring mismatch is emerging between the CFOs’ rapidly evolving role and what he can realistically expect to deliver at the sharp end – a position exacerbated by bloated and poorly integrated performance management suites that are costly to deploy and which reinforce the functional divide between operations, finance, treasury and tax.  So what is going wrong and what can CFOs do to help to pull the office of finance back together again?



In this webinar Gary Simon, Group Publisher of FSN (Financial Systems News) interviews Tom Shea, President and Founder of OneStream Software.  Tom is a veteran of the financial reporting software industry, who developed Financial Data Quality Management (FDQM) for Hyperion products. His co-founder at OneStream Software, Bob Powers, invented, architected, implemented, and led the development organization for Hyperion HFM.