Croydon College to catalyse and enhance reporting with Advanced’s management software

24th July 2016

Croydon College has gone live with a new student and management information system (MIS) from Advanced as part of an integrated suite of software to provide enhanced reporting and centralised data. The College went live with ProSolution earlier this year and will be fully integrated with existing software by the start of the 2016/17 academic year.




Croydon College offers a range of vocational and academic qualifications, apprenticeships and courses to 5,000 students every year. Based on one site the College has 500 employees and includes a Higher Education (HE) campus which delivers courses in conjunction with the University of Sussex, as well as a dedicated School of Art.

Croyden College say they selected Advanced from a shortlist of three providers due to the solution’s cost-effectiveness and the ability to seamlessly integrate with other Advanced software.

The College also uses ProAchieve, for analysing student retention and success, ProMonitor, for student monitoring, ProObserve, for lesson observations, and ProPortal, to give students access to their records.

The MIS is designed to act as a central repository for college data including applications, enrolments, timetables and registers, with the goal of enabling MIS staff to create reports at any level to support informed decision-making.  Furthermore it is hoped that the richer functionality will provide staff more space to record all the Additional Learning Support (ALS) information they need, such as exam support and the needs of blind or deaf students.

Lesley Fooks, Director of MIS, Croydon College, says, “ProSolution has really streamlined the reporting process, enabling our MIS team to access data and generate reports whenever they need to. Previously they would not have been able to do this themselves, so it’s really made their lives easier.

“We also anticipate further efficiencies as we integrate all the Advanced solutions over the coming months. With all our information in one place we can simply and quickly analyse data to effectively manage the College to give our learners the best outcome possible.”