Fujitsu and Trintech partner to create Inline XBRL-based software solution for U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

16th June 2014

Fujitsu America, Inc., announced that it is providing technical services to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to create and support an Inline XBRL eXtensible Business Reporting Language® (XBRL®) software solution. The resulting prototype is intended to enhance the ability of users and application programmers to use XBRL embedded into HTML documents based on XBRL International’s Inline XBRL Specification. For this important project, Fujitsu has teamed with Trintech Inc., a Fujitsu partner and leading provider of financial governance software across the entire record-to-report cycle for finance organizations, to create the functional and user experience requirements.




“We are very excited to be working for the SEC to build the software solution focused on Inline XBRL,” said Scott Harrison, vice president of Software Business, Fujitsu America, Inc. “We hope this effort demonstrates the ability of Inline XBRL to help reduce the complexity typically associated with XBRL review and analysis activities.”

The Inline XBRL software solution involves both technical validation and a client-side cross browser extension (CBE). The Inline XBRL Specification allows preparers to create a single document containing both the XBRL and HTML data formats. The technical validation will ensure Inline XBRL documents are compliant with the Inline XBRL 1.1 Specification while the CBE will allow preparers, analysts and investors to interact with the XBRL data while masking all the underlying technical complexities.

“We applaud the SEC for undertaking this project, and welcome the opportunity to work closely with Fujitsu to design and deliver the prototype,” said Rob Blake, senior product director for Trintech. “Our goal is to make it easy to highlight, search and review tagged information from within the friendly confines of an Internet browser.”