Noble Agri chooses BOARD for global budgeting process

7th April 2015

Noble Agri, an agricultural trading and processing business for products such as soybean, corn, wheat, sugar, coffee and cotton, has chosen BOARD software for its global financial planning and analysis. Noble Agri, is a joint venture between Noble Group (ranked number 76 in the 2014 Fortune Global 500) and a consortium consisting of COFCO Corporation (also a Fortune 500 company), HOPU Investment and other international financial investors.




Noble Agri is responsible for handling up to 48 million tonnes of agricultural commodities around the globe and required a solution to its global budgeting needs. BOARD has provided Noble Agri with financial planning, reporting and performance management processes in a single unified solution, enabling greater transparency, across the organisation and more insightful decision making. The solution was implemented, with the support of Cross Systems SA, an accredited partner of BOARD, based in Switzerland.

Thierry Zysset, Group Head of Financial Planning and Analysis at Noble Agri, comments; "Thanks to BOARD’s advanced financial planning capabilities, the company has aquired a new way of accessing data across the group, thanks to a powerful analytical tool, as well as a streamlined view of the processes ". “Set up flexibility, and ease of use at every level of the organization, are certainly the main benefits experienced by the company: BOARD is in fact able, to provide the necessary information, easily and very quickly, greatly improving the process of analysis inside the company. Finally, Access rights management, has proved to be efficient, with a dedicated panel embedded in the interface. From end-users standpoint, this additional tool, has improved the time-to-customization of their individual profiles" added Thierry.

Sebastien Gerard, IT Manager at Noble Agri, comments; “Thanks to BOARD ease of installation and of setup, Noble Agri has been able to implement the software, in a very aggressive timeline, while maintaining a high level of satisfaction with the end users”.

"We are delighted to welcome Noble Agri, among our new clients; this is a further demonstration of BOARD capabilities, to offer innovative solutions, in the management of business processes, by qualifying ourselves, more and more, as a strong player in the segment of large multinational companies" says BOARD CEO Giovanni Grossi.