Customers gain greater control, flexibility, and insight to address local payroll requirements

14th March 2016

Workday, Inc. has announced the availability of Workday Payroll for France, a new application that enables organisations with employees in France to streamline the payroll process. Workday Payroll for France was built as part of Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) with the aim to facilitate faster financial reporting, improve compliance control, and provide a more comprehensive view of global and local labour costs.





Payroll has traditionally been challenging for global organisations due to complex regulatory requirements pertaining to each country and a lack of real-time insights on global payroll actuals. Building on the success of Workday Payroll for the U.S., Canada, and UK, Workday Payroll for France helps alleviate these pain points and equips customers with the flexibility, control, and insight required to support the unique aspects of their organisations.

 "Organisations in France require a modern application to simplify payroll processing and keep pace with recent legislation and a constantly-changing workforce," said Barbry McGann, vice president, payroll and time products, Workday. "Workday Payroll for France unifies payroll and HR in the cloud, offering customers the control, flexibility, and insight required to gain complete visibility across the business and workforce to help fuel growth."