How can CFOs break out of the spreadsheet-spiral?

21st August 2017

Spreadsheets perform a vital role in most organisations and remain the finance professional’s tool of choice.  Yet, at the same time, Excel usage has proliferated to mountainous levels, fuelled by a spreadsheet-spiral™ first identified in FSN’s ground-breaking research which pinpoints the exact causes of spreadsheet growth. 

Few businesses know the true extent of their spreadsheet ‘universe’ and, for example, which spreadsheets are business critical or high-risk.  But this doesn’t mean that nothing can be done about the problem!




In this 30 minute webinar, Gary Simon, CEO, FSN and Leader of the Modern Finance Forum interviews Henry Umney, the strategist and spreadsheet visionary behind ClusterSeven, with more than a decade of experience in the specialist field of managing spreadsheets in a wide range of industries.  We are going to discuss how to reduce the impact of the spreadsheet-spiral, how to reduce spreadsheet clutter and offer tips on how to manage what’s left, including mission critical spreadsheets