Financial process automation in the cloud – what next?

18th May 2016

The basic advantages of the cloud are well established but organisations are now beginning to see much wider benefits such as financial process automation, standardisation and organisational agility.


Somebody, who understands the challenges of the modern finance function is Jarle Sky, the founder and chairman of Xledger, one of the most rapidly growing cloud financial management/ERP systems in Europe. 

Jarle has been a leading figure in business applications for several decades.  He was formerly the creator of one of the world’s most successful business applications for services organisations – Agresso (now owned by UNIT4) - and has taken his design team, experience, vision and passion for financial process automation to build, from the ground up, an entirely new business system – Xledger.




Jarle is somebody who is genuinely shaping the future of the modern finance function and in this 30 minute webinar-based interview, Gary Simon, CEO of FSN and Leader of the Modern Finance Forum on Linkedin talks exclusively to Jarle about how businesses of all sizes can automate financial processes in the cloud.