Follow Restless Development's journey from on-premise accounting to FinancialForce ERP in the cloud

28th June 2016

“Restless Development” is a charity which places young people at the forefront of change and development. Formed in 1985 its programmes have reached over 7 million young people directly and indirectly.  Its work is led by more than 300 full-time staff in 10 countries including much of the developing world. 

But bringing about change on the outside of the organisation also required change on the inside and for the finance function that meant embracing cloud ERP as a global platform for finance excellence, good governance and control.




In this 30 minute web-based interview, Gary Simon, Leader of the FSN Modern Finance Forum, talks to Jawed Neshat, Restless Development’s Head of Finance, about how the organisation has leveraged cloud-based ERP technology to enable innovation in core financial processes, improve collaboration between the finance function and operations so that beneficiaries receive funding on time and the charity’s donors receive comprehensive reporting about how funds are distributed.