FinancialForce personalizes the User Experience (UX)

3rd March 2016

FinancialForce, the cloud ERP provider has taken the opportunity of its Spring 2016 release to unveil a major change to the User Experience (UX) of its Financial Management applications. Chief financial officers (CFOs) and finance departments now have access to a personalized experience that allows individuals to tailor how they enter accounting information, how they view it and how they work with it using a ‘clicks not code’ approach that FinancialForce says is unrivaled in the cloud ERP application industry. 




The notion that business software should be ‘easy to use’ is something that everyone can subscribe to, yet surprisingly few software houses have embraced. Yes, business software has become more functional, intuitive, graphical and intelligent but it rarely approaches the intuitiveness of popular social media apps that we use in our private lives.   In one fowl swoop FinancialForce has not only enabled everyone’s implementation to look different, if desired, but has also embedded social media capability deep in the application.  At a stroke the innovative company has dispelled the myth that cloud based applications are one-size-fits-all.

But allowing end users to configure the software has more serious ramifications than simply making the application more attractive – making the software work the way that the individual does is a major boost to productivity as well as making the user’s job more fulfilling.

Commenting on the  growing trend in the cloud space to make the UX more engaging and similar to people’s experience of consumer applications Raphael Bres, general manager of financial management at FinancialForce, said, “The new CFO is a strategic business partner, guiding his or her company to smart growth and more bulletproof business models. This means the finance team needs to spend time providing insights to the business instead of collecting or reconciling data. With this release, we are giving financial applications users powerful new technologies that boost data capture and put collaboration, action and the right information at their fingertips to transform the way they engage with customers and do business.”

The personalization capabilities announced this week include sophisticated 360-degree customer views and the ability to collaborate and work socially across the entire enterprise. The Spring 2016 release also includes a new set of accounting functionalities designed to increase efficiency, guide faster book closings and support strategic decision-making. 

Developed with customer feedback, the Spring 2016 release includes a more personalized End-User Experience.  Input forms are now fully configurable, without having to enter even a single line of code, using an Input Form Manager to create Personalized User Forms. Finance departments no longer need to be bogged down by inflexible data entry interfaces and can instead use the time to provide strategic input for their business. Personalized input forms are intuitive, easy to follow and resonate well with non-technical users. The forms also support rapid data entry to make accounting faster for all.

Related Content Panels with Social Collaboration allow users to design work panes that combine information from any object on the Salesforce App Cloud with accounting transactions, accounts and balances in a single view. This allows users to mold the information around their functional needs and work patterns, including the ability to embed task management and social collaboration. Role-based work panes, for say a credit manager, can be designed in a few clicks to combine information from multiple apps in a single screen.

Finally, built-in Intercompany Reconciliation and Automated Elimination Entries mean that finance departments no longer need to rely on a third-party vendor for reconciling accounts or have to painstakingly eliminate entries manually. The Spring 2016 release provides built-in intercompany reconciliation and automates elimination entries, making the consolidation of multiple entities easier than ever before and accelerating the period-end activities. In addition, global exchange rates enable greater speed and accuracy in managing multinational transactions. Organizations can close books faster – saving time and money while providing financial insights faster to management, auditors, investors and shareholders.

“Every finance team is looking for efficiency to free up more time for strategic input to a business. The new features from FinancialForce do just that. As we focus around revolutionizing customer engagement, our financial process should match. The customizable input forms, which we will use in journals, plus sales and purchase invoices and credits, create more simplicity in displaying the most important information to us on screen and help us save time with our day-to-day transactions. This new update improves the user experience and interface even further as well as enhances the way we can serve our customers”, says Justin Wheatley, vice president of billing and financial systems at NewVoiceMedia

By Gary Simon, BSc, FCA, FBCS, CITP

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