Infor SunSystems to enhance customer service and reporting for largest secondary housing co-operative in England

21st March 2014

CDS Co-Operatives, the largest secondary housing co-operative in England, has invested in Infor SunSystems.  The application replaces a spreadsheet-based approach and will help to improve reporting capabilities, enhance service levels to clients and accelerate payments.  Infor SunSystems is in use in almost 20% of the housing associations in the UK.




CDS Co-Operative serves tenants of its own but also provides financial and housing services to other co-operatives.  Its previous legacy finance application could not deliver the management accounting capabilities CDS required to support all areas of its business. This led to a reliance on spreadsheets, which was not only time intensive but led to staff being used for low-level tasks such as data entry, instead of delivering business analysis.  There was also a cumbersome paper-based invoicing process that took up substantial amounts of time.

As part of a thorough review of systems, CDS sought to enable online access to accounts and remove the manual elements of data entry.  CDS chose Infor SunSystems on the basis of its reporting functionality, the application’s intuitive ease of use and Infor’s commitment to an accelerated deployment time table.  Of particular importance was the fact that Infor Q&A enables CDS’ clients to write and run their own reports quickly and easily. Infor SunSystems will be integrated with CDS’ existing housing management software. 

“Moving away from our legacy application and reliance on spreadsheets represented a major challenge for us.  We had to identify and select a new application quickly, but when our senior executive team met Infor this provided us with the necessary confidence that SunSystems would be able to develop the reporting that we wanted,” said Suzanne Twerdochilb, finance director, CDS Co-Operative.  “We were also looking for a stable supplier that has a long-term investment in its financial applications.  The recent developments that have gone into Infor’s modern user interface and functionality upgrades showed that Infor is truly committed to SunSystems.  The ability to integrate with other systems, in particular our housing management software was also critical, as we anticipate further change.”

“Delivering a faster, more bespoke service to clients with better emphasis on analysis, rather than data entry, means CDS can develop a competitive edge to keep it at the forefront of housing in the UK,” said Jon Casey, director, financial management solutions, Infor. “Faster reports mean quicker payments and better control of finances, but without sacrificing the room for future growth or inhibiting other operations.  Because of the unique nature of CDS, providing services to other co-operatives, the open integration of SunSystems delivers not only immediate benefits but an application that the organisation can build on for the future.”