International publishing house to improve productivity and cash collection with finance system from m-hance

3rd April 2013

Michael O’Mara Books, an independent global publishing house  is to increase its business efficiency and improve cash collection through implementing a financial management system from m-hance.  Michael O’Mara believe the new system will also enable the company’s finance team to save up to two working days each month by streamlining a range of accounts receivable (AR) and management reporting processes. 




Stephen Watson, Accountant at Michael O’Mara Books, says, “m-hance has been a trusted partner for many years and placed great emphasis on helping us to identify areas where we could maximise our business efficiency levels. After demonstrating the new and improved functionality of its finance system, it was clear that we could gain additional cost and productivity benefits through streamlining our processes by implementing this world leading technology.”

m-hance’s finance system will automate a range of manually-intensive financial processes to speed-up Michael O’Mara’s cash collection procedures. The new functionality will enable multiple sales invoices and related documents to be emailed automatically from the core application and will present an instant visual indication to determine whether the records have been successfully received. Within a navigation list, users can choose to email multiple vendors or customers with copies of particular documents, all from one screen, further improving productivity. The system’s advanced reporting capabilities will also provide critical performance insight needed to help Michael O’Mara Books make better informed decisions about its business.

Watson comments, “By fully automating our accounts receivable processes m-hance’s system will save the finance department up to two working days each month which was previously taken up by labour-intensive administrative tasks. This will help us to improve cash flow and focus more time on cash collection activities such as reducing debtor days which will directly benefit the business’s bottom line.”

Watson adds, “m-hance’s system will also provide improved visibility of financial and operational performance across the organisation by enabling us to quickly and easily determine which of our books are most profitable. With this information more readily available it will assist us to shape our future business strategy.”