New release of Access Dimensions adds Workflow Forms

30th November 2010

Access, has added Workflow forms to the latest version of its Access Dimensions software. The newly released update, 2.50d, includes Workflow Forms which, says the company, will allow businesses to recreate their own processes in an electronic form and make it available at any chosen location within their solution.

Chris Bayne, managing director of Access said “Workflow Forms can be anything from simple data capture to complex workflows, punctuated with multi-level approvals and alerts. By using automation you can speed the capture and flow of information around your organisation. Creating efficient workflows and linking them to core processes, brings a greater return on investment in every area of your company.” 

The interface on the new Workflow Forms module is very similar to other Access products, offering consistency of information across all solutions. Within Access Dimensions users can access Workflow Forms from both the ribbon bar navigation, and the record cards, making the system seamless, so users feel as if they’re in the same application.