NSPCC strengthens self-service business intelligence BI capabilities across procurement and legal departments

29th November 2011

NSPCC, the children’s charity specialising in child protection, says it will deliver cost savings by using Rosslyn Analytics’ cloud-based spend analytics and contract management platform.  NSPCC selected Rosslyn Analytics’ business intelligence software, in early November and within a few days the charity had 10 employees from the procurement and legal team analysing spend and contract data that had been self-loaded into the RA.Pid platform.

“RA.Pid has given NSPCC a true cross-organisational analytical platform which meets the diverse reporting needs of multiple internal stakeholders,” said Catherine Dixon, General Counsel & Company Secretary of NSPCC. “Rosslyn Analytics has developed a unique offering that significantly reduces time and cost spent manually obtaining, managing and reporting data – these resources combined with the savings that RA.Pid will help us to identify, can now be dedicated to helping children,” said Catherine Dixon, General Counsel & Company Secretary of NSPCC.  

 “Rosslyn Analytics provides the procurement team with a categorised view of spend within minutes of loading data into the RA.Pid platform,” said Chris Richfield, Head of Procurement, NSPCC.  “Through enhanced spend visibility, we will  implement a strategic category management approach focused on identifying and tracking saving opportunities through improved purchasing of goods and services.” 

“RA.Pid features a built-in duplicate invoice checker that supplements our existing controls enabling us to proactively identify and prevent potentially erroneous payments to suppliers. RA.Pid will also help with our budgeting and planning process and in particular managing cash flow forecasting through ‘what if’ scenarios to determine the impact of our supplier profile.” 

 “RA.Pid is a risk reducing tool that gives us immediate exposure to all significant spending areas, and the means to better influence and manage contractual risks with suppliers,” said Catherine Dixon.  “With a centralised contract repository and built-in alerting for when contracts are to set to expire or roll-on, the legal team will significantly reduce the risks of slippage or off contract spend, ensuring that our resources are spent where they should be, helping children.”