Agripower chooses CIS contract costing and accounting solution from Pegasus Software

18th April 2013

Agripower, a specialist provider of natural and artificial sports surfaces has deployed an Opera 3 accounting and business solution from Pegasus Software, the provider of accounting, business and payroll software.  The solution includes Pegasus CIS, a contract costing.  Agripower, a Buckinghamshire-based company provides construction, resurfacing, maintenance and installation of drainage for all weather sports facilities, natural pitch work and landscaping and agricultural works.  The company will use Pegasus’ solutions to achieve greater visibility into the profitability of projects, make more informed management decisions, streamline finance processes and enhance reporting.    

With high volumes of projects running concurrently, it is integral that Agripower’s management team have access to live information on the cost and associated profitability of each job.  With this insight, they can better manage costs in the short term, and make better decisions on where to invest resources in the future.  Previously, the company’s in-house system relied upon manual data entry which meant that sourcing information was slow, and reports were almost impossible to generate.  

Having reviewed the market, Agripower selected Pegasus Software based on the tight integration between Opera 3 and Pegasus CIS, which means that information is quicker and easier to access, helping the management team to respond to queries faster and more accurately.    

“In a business such as ours it is imperative that we have a system which facilitates detailed insight into the time and materials assigned to each job in order to manage costs, and ensure that the projects we are undertaking are profitable”, comments Jerry Anderson, director, Agripower.  “Supported by Pegasus’ Partner, Profile Technology Services, Opera 3 and Pegasus CIS enable us to run our business better, freeing up time and making information more readily available so that we can make better decisions and focus resources on growing the business.”